Krav Maga

What is Alpha Krav Maga?

Alpha Krav maga is a combination of conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, ground fighting, weapon defenses, and personal self-defense. Krav maga was created originally in Israel by imi lichtenfeld this type of fighting was conceived for the Israeli military at first. Years after many people saw the effectiveness of it the army allowed the teachers to teach civilians. Because of its simplicity and unique style it is the leading self-defense styles in the world.

Who is the founder of alpha krav maga?

Sam sade is a native Israeli that was brought to America 13 years ago to teach krav maga and to promote the system in the country. Sam has been in charge for the last 13 years of training hundreds of instructors and school owners all over the United States. Sam has been involved in different styles of martial arts and has a sports science degree from the prestigious wingate institute. He understands the mental and physical preparation needed for his students in order to be ready for confrontation. The unique style sam brings to krav maga makes this the alpha krav maga.

Who are the qualified instructors?

Alpha krav maga only allows the best instructors. all of which are sams students with no less than 6 years’ of experience in krav maga and other martial arts plus experts in conditioning, nutrition and personal training.

For more details Contact Sam Sade @ 818-383-5077 or Daniel O’Connor @ 636- 541-4653 or email at Hope to see you soon

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